Advisory service for trainers and health professionals who need to solve specific situations with their clients/patients.

It can be very useful if:

You have a new client, whose case is complex and you are not sure how to deal with it.
A current client seems to have “stuck.”
Your client’s health status has changed or he has received a diagnosis and you don’t know how to reset his programming.
You need the information to know what kind of physical exercise would be convenient for your patient.
You want an approach to the benefits of exercise for your patient and you are looking for a trainer-physiotherapist in your area that can help you improve your treatment.
You can enjoy:

1-Prior communication. via email or WhatsApp to receive the previous information and raise important questions. This way we will take better advantage of our live conversation.

2- Live video call: 45 minutes of live chat to raise your doubts and receive feedback on the cases that concern you.

3- Post-session communication: Communication via email, messenger or WhatsApp to be able to put at your disposal the articles or documents that can be of help to face your work or your doubts. Strategy explanation call (15 min) + Follow-up call (15 min in a 2-week period)